7:00 AM Breakfast, Registration and Exhibits
8:00 AM Welcome Remarks

SESSION 1: Metastatic Uveal Melanoma: Adjuvant, Neoadjuvant and Active Disease 

Moderators: Sunil Reddy and Jose Lutsky
8:05 AM New insights on uveal melanoma prognosis: Updates from the COOG2 study
Prithvi Mruthyunjaya, MD, MHS
8:20 AM Unraveling cellular diversity: A path to understanding uveal melanoma progression
Mathieu Bakhoum, MD, PhD
8:35 AM Circulating neoplastic-immune hybrid cells predict survival in uveal melanoma
Alison Skalet, MD, PhD
8:50 AM Systemic therapy for metastatic uveal melanoma
Kevin Kim, MD
9:05 AM Liver-directed therapy for uveal melanoma
Sunil Reddy, MD

9:20 AM Past, present, and future of adjuvant therapy for high risk uveal melanoma
Jose Lutzky, MD
9:35 AM Panel Discussion
Panelists: All faculty from session 1

SESSION 2: Biomarkers and Diagnostics

Moderators: Prithvi Mruthyunjaya and Jesse Berry
9:47 AM It’s in the liquid: How ancillary studies in clinical trials will cure eye cancer
Daniel S. Gombos, MD
10:02 AM Proteomic analysis of aqueous humor in uveal melanoma
Jesse Berry, MD
10:17 AM New Molecular assessment of uveal melanoma with liquid biopsy proteomics
Vinit B. Mahajan, MD, PhD
10:32 AM Molecular testing of cell-free DNA from diluted vitreous (Cassette Bag) and aqueous humor improves detection of vitreoretinal lymphoma
Rajesh C. Rao, MD 
10:47 AM Panel Discussion
Panelists: All faculty from session 2

10:59 AM Break and Exhibits

SESSION 3: Radiation Therapy: Alternatives and Risk Mitigation

Moderators: Brian Marr and Hakan Demirci
11:19 AM Y90 radiation therapy: New frontiers
Miguel A. Materin, MD
11:34 AM Management of exudative RD after radiation
Ivana Kim, MD
11:49 AM Image-guided proton beam treatment for uveal melanoma: Modernization of a traditional treatment. Five year results from a multi centered study in the Pacific Northwest.
Andrew Stacey, MD
12:04 PM Radiation retinopathy: new prevention trials
Thomas Aaberg Jr, MD
12:19 PM Radiation sparing local therapy for intraocular metastatic tumors
Hakan Demirci, MD
12:34 PM Panel Discussion
Panelists: All faculty from session 3

12:46 PM Lunch and Exhibits

SESSION 4: For the Children: Innovations in Pediatric Ocular Oncology

Moderators: Alison Skalet and Raya Saab
1:31 PM 3D printing in ocular oncology
Keynote Lecture: Mandeep Sagoo,BSc, MB, PhD, MRCOphth, FRCS (Ed)
1:46 PM Challenges in prospective clinical trials in pediatric ocular oncology

Daniel S. Gombos, MD, FACS
2:01 PM Local chemotherapy for retinoblastoma: What we have learned so far and the journey ahead
Aparna Ramasubramanian, MD
2:16PM Intraarterial chemotherapy for retinoblastoma: Events and lessons
Brian P. Marr, MD
2:31 PM Serum-based, long-read sequencing using nanopore technology for rapid identification of germline retinoblastoma pathologic variants
Andrew Stacey, MD
2:46 PM The cutting edge of aqueous humor and retinoblastoma
Jesse Berry, MD
3:01 PM Panel Discussion
Panelists: All faculty from session 4

SESSION 5: New Therapeutics and New Toxicities

Moderators: Rajesh Rao and Thomas Aaberg Jr
3:13 PM Ocular implications of new treatments from von hippel lindau therapy
Brian P. Marr, MD
3:28 PM Clinical trial development in the era of immune mediated and targeted therapy: Screening and planning for therapy induced ocular toxicity
Daniel Gombos, MD, FACS
3:43 PM Outcomes after proton beam radiation in a BelSar eligible treatment population
Ivana K. Kim, MD
3:58 PM Immunotherapy for conjunctival tumors: A conservative approach to advanced tumors
Hakan Demirci , MD

SESSION 6: Challenging Cases in Ocular Oncology
4:10 PM Break with wine and cheese
4:30 PM Challenging cases panel
5:30 PM Adjournment


Please note this meeting will not offer continuing medical education (CME) credits.